Fluke 1750 3-Phase Power Recorder [Rental System]

Fluke 1750 3-Phase Power Quality Recorder Model No: E-FLK-1750Std
$ 1015.00 (monthly rental cost)

The Fluke 1750 3-Phase Power Recorder automatically detects, scales, and powers current probes without needing batteries. Requiring only single-lead voltage connections enables safe and quick setups. Once power is applied the instrument automatically begins recording and LEDs give you assurance that the recorder is powered up and signals are within range-no more uncertainty that data is being recorded. The 1750 has an exclusive capture algorithm which makes certain all events are captured without the tedious setups and blind spots associated with threshold driven equipment. The PDA wirelessly interfaces with the recorder, allowing quick setup and verification with waveform displays, meter screens, and phasor diagrams. The built-in wireless technology allows you to control multiple instruments from a distance easily, without the need for a laptop computer (laptops can also be used when desired).

INCLUDED WITH YOUR RENTAL AND ONLY AVAIALBLE FROM POWERCET: Application support (via telephone) and review of your recorded data (e-mailed), maximum of 2-hours/month, minimum increment 15-minutes. (Complete data analysis and report preparation available at additional cost.)

  • Accuracy and measurement techniques: IEC 61000-4-30 Class A measurement system for all power quality parameters.
  • Configuration: PDA wireless "front panel interface" provides a window into what the instrument is recording, enabling quick and reliable configuration even in awkward test locations.
  • Threshold-free set up: Apply thresholds after data is collected with Fluke
  • Power Analyze Software. Captures everything: Cross-channel and current triggering capture every measurement, on every channel, every time.
  • Intuitive PC software: Easily analyze data and generate reports.
  • Plug and play: Set up in minutes with self-identifying current probes and single-lead voltage connections.
  • No need to reconnect wires: Swap channels internally with the wireless PDA or PC when connections are not correct. Measure every parameter: Voltage and current on three phases, neutral, and ground.
  • 5 MHz, 8000 Vpk waveform capture: Get a detailed picture of even the shortest events.
  • Quickly retrieve data: With included SD memory card or via the 100BaseT high-speed Ethernet connection.


Included in your rental:

  • The Fluke 1750 mainframe
  • Voltage cable set
  • Four 400A current clamps
  • Hard shipping case
  • PDA for wireless communication w/1750 mainframe
  • PC Software for installation on your computer

Optional Equipment

  • IBM T30/T40 laptop computers w/all software configured available at additional cost: $250/month
  • Five 3-range (100A, 1000A, 5000A) flexi-CP's available at additional cost: $250/month

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Fluke 1750 3-Phase Power Quality Recorder basic system.