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Do you know how? Perform NEC 220 Connected Load Studies? We do!

The most commonly performed power monitoring or logging study! Connected load studies are needed to determine whether new loads and breakers can be added to a panel. Most of you may know the measurements are based on collecting average amps data over 15-minute intervals, continuously recorded over 30-days. But there's more to it! Go here to find out: CONNECTED LOAD STUDIES – NEC 220.87 and choose the right power logger for panel capacity / current logging studies.

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PowerCET’s PQ Pass-Thru: Power Quality Service Call In a Box

PowerCET’s PQ Pass-Thru Efficiently Resolves “Power Good/Bad” as Potential Cause of Equipment Malfunction   Self-contained plug-and-play unit assesses the power source connected to medical, laboratory and other sensitive electronic equipment; “Power Quality Service Call in a Box” eliminates multiple service calls often required to isolate causes of failure; cellular communication provides reports of recorded data and events by email.

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UV Corona Camera

What you can't see may hurt you! Find out if partial discharge from corona is corroding your HV infrastructure.

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