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Sonel Auto-ISO Adapter for Insulation Testing

At last - a smart way to intelligently test insulation of multi-conductor cables - in one quick test! The AutoISO-5000 adapter for Sonel Insulation Meters vastly simplifies insulation testing of multi-conductor cables - from 1 kV to 5 kV. It reduces the time to test by 50 - 75%, and gives more reliable results.

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PowerCET’s PQ Pass-Thru : Power Quality Service Call In a Box

PowerCET’s PQ Pass-Thru Efficiently Resolves “Power Good/Bad” as Potential Cause of Equipment Malfunction   Self-contained plug-and-play unit assesses the power source connected to medical, laboratory and other sensitive electronic equipment; “Power Quality Service Call in a Box” eliminates multiple service calls often required to isolate causes of failure; cellular communication provides reports of recorded data and events by email.

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UV Corona Camera

What you can't see may hurt you! Find out if partial discharge from corona is corroding your HV infrastructure.

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